About us

Golbahar East insulation company was established in 1997 with registration number 11766 and started its activity the same year. The first goal of company was producing moisture insulation but according to our potential we decided to produce the main and most important primary material of bitumen(isogam)
With obtaining the trust of customers over the years we have come to offer customers a more satisfying service.
So since the beginning of 1396 we increased the variety of our products by adding two different products with two different quality which due to its good price had a good chance to enter the inside and outside markets.
by expansion of tar refinery in last months of 1396 and with producing 60/70 tar and obtaining the standard of it we achieved another goal of servicing to our people.
Now this company is serving people by producing industrial, construction and road-building bitumen
Now is at the service of honorable compatriots with producing industrial, construction and road-building bitumen, and present them to the market of inside and outside of the country